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Top Features for Sleeping Soundly on Your Galeon

Getting proper rest out on the water may be a lot different from what many are used to on land. As your sanctuary at sea, you will rest easy in the peaceful and gentle vessel movements and occasional tugs from the dock lines inspiring stressless slumber aboard your Galeon.  However, various sounds aboard a functioning yacht can interrupt this rejuvenating rest.

Galeon Yachts are well-tuned into the reason most people own them, rest and relaxation where rest is as important as relaxation, and we have built-in various features to ensure that you sleep well for extended journeys on the water!

  • Interior Design of Galeon Yacht
    With innovative design and luxurious interiors, carpet padding in all cabins adds insulation that acts as a sound barrier, reducing the noise level coming from water slapping on the hull or mechanical equipment cycling during the night.
  • Galeon Yacht Suede Walls Interior

    Beautifully crafted Alcantara suede wall and ceiling liners also significantly absorb sound and provide a more peaceful sleeping environment.

    Doors include a compression gasket that ensures a near airtight seal providing minimal disruption should one of your guests move about during the night.

  • Woman laying on the bed, reading journal on Galeon Yacht

    Each stateroom is outfitted with comfortable beds made of high resilience polyurethane foam, and lighting is built into the decorative headboards with easily accessed switches, allowing for lights to go out as soon as one becomes weary.

    Climate controls are positioned near the head of the bed so adjustments to the temperature or fan speed can be made without getting out of bed.

  • Engine Room of Galeon Yacht

    On models over 46’, the A/C is compressor located in the engine room, thus ensuring sounds from the heating and cooling system are minimized to a whisper.

    The engine room is well-thought-out for sound reduction too. A thick and insulated engine room bulkhead lessens equipment noises and helps divert them away from cabins. 


Explore our full model lineup as you evaluate the best Galeon for your restful journeys ahead.

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